Virus and Malware Removal

Is your computer running slow?

Do you see unwanted ads and pop ups every time you surf the Internet?
Chances are your computer is infected.

I use the latest tools and software to clean your PC. Most computers can be cleaned for $30.

You can drop your computer off at my house, or I can come to your house or place of business for an additional fee. I also offer remote PC access. You install a piece of software that lets me access your PC remotely and I can scan and fix your PC from my office.

I can also install free antivirus and malware protection software for you. Stop paying ridiculous yearly fees for antivirus software when you can get the same quality of protection for free.

Other repairs and services I can perform include:

  • Replacing faulty power supplies
  • Dead hard drive data retrieval / drive replacement
  • Data backup solutions
  • Transferring your old data to a new computer

remote computer help

  • 1.Contact Jeff.
    Send me an email, text or give me a phone call and let me know what issues you are having. If I think I can fix it remotely, I'll tell you to proceed to step 2.
  • 2.Download Teamviewer.
    Teamviewer is software that lets me remotely connect to your computer. Just click the download link on their site and follow the onscreen prompts.
  • 3.Give me the Teamviewer Username and Password.

    After the software has been installed, you will see two sections labelled "Your ID" and "Password". Send me that info and I can remotely login to your computer.

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