Computer Upgrades

Need more horsepower under the hood?

I can upgrade your PC to make it run faster.

The most bang for your buck is an upgrade from a standard mechanical hard drive to a solid state hard drive. You can decrease your boot time by half!

I can install an SSD and clone all your existing hard drive data to it for $60. You don't need to reinstall anything. (the cost of the SSD is not included)

Watch this video to see a real-time boot time comparison between a SSD and HDD.

Other upgrades andĀ servicesĀ I can perform include:

  • Adding more RAM
  • Adding additional hard drives for more storage space
  • Video card upgrades
  • Adding a bigger power supply
  • Wired and Wireless Network Installation
  • Home Automation Installation
  • Home Theater Equipment Installation
  • Video Editing and Transfers
  • Kodi Installation on your PC for free TV and first run movies (computer must meet minimum specs to run it)

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